You've Been Saying Chad Kroeger's Name Wrong This Whole Time

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Nickelback's Chad Kroeger recently revealed people have been pronouncing his name wrong for decades. Plus, he shared why he never corrected anyone during that time.

Kroeger caught up with Klinger from Rock 95.5 in Chicago to discuss his career, as well as the great name debacle. Apparently, his last name is actually pronounced "crew-ger," instead of like the American grocery store Kroger. "This is the year everybody wants to know how to actually say my name properly," Kroeger laughed. "We left the umlaut off when the grandparents came over from Germany."

When Klinger asked if it was weird to wait a couple of decades to correct anyone, Kroeger said, "Yes. But the thing is, it's hard because someone will say... 'Hey, we've got Chad Kroeger [pronounced incorrectly] here from Nickelback. The band has sold 50 million records...' and there's this massive, five-minute long thing, this diatribe, that goes on about accolades and what-not... and at that point in time I'm supposed to say 'It's Kroeger [pronounced incorrectly]'? I just gotta let this one go."

Elsewhere in the interview, the two discussed recording again in Mountain View Studios (Kroeger sold the house years ago and bought it back), shopping for pyrotechnics and the secret recipe to creating Nickelback songs. Check it out below!

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